There are many factors to take into consideration before adopting an animal. If you have an apartment you might want to get a smaller dog, although some larger breeds do well in smaller spaces. Here are a few links to some fun tests, and some general animal information so you can get an idea what what companion goes best with your lifestyle. Enjoy!

This AKC site is suggested to research what breed (hair, grooming, health issues, temperment, size, small children, etc.) would best fit your lifestyle and family - before you adopt.

Veterinary Products Laboratories - Dog Appeasing Pheromone, The "appeasing" pheromone in dogs enhances attachment and provides reassurance and comfort.

Dumb Friends League - Lots of helpful hints including potty training for puppies and much more
Dog breed online quiz - Another quiz
Dog Infomat - Good source of information
Dog breed info center - More information on dogs