Once you find a companion that you would like to meet, please email or call us at 907-322-7888 to make arrangements. That is the beginning of the adoption process.

We ask that you review the Adoption Application and Sample Adoption Agreement before meeting the dog so that you are aware of the questions that we ask and what we require of adoptive homes. Since neither the Application nor Agreement are negotiable, this will save you and the foster home considerable time should you have a problem with the Application or Agreement. The adoption fee is $300.00. This is a non-profit organization, and the adoption fee is the only way we can pay for the very expensive veterinary care for these dogs.

Once you meet the dog and have decided that you would like to continue with the adoption process you will be asked to submit the Adoption Application for processing. You may submit the signed original to the home fostering the dog or mail it to HBPRR. (You may, of course, submit the completed Adoption Application prior to meeting the dog, although it will not be processed until you have met the dog and have expressed an interest in completing the process.)

References will then be checked, the Application reviewed, and you will be called for a convenient time to do a home visit. All residents of your home (animal, reptile, etc., and human) must be present for this visit. We bring the dog to your home to see how it gets along in your home and to observe how family members interact with the dog as well as other present residents.

This process may or may not be a short one. Depending upon the number of prospective adoptive parents applying for this one dog, the process may take a week or better - to complete all application reviews and all home checks.

Remember! The purpose in all of this is to assure, to the best of our ability, that this dog will go to a home that best fits that particular dog. Not being chosen to adopt a particular dog does NOT mean that you are not an appropriate adoptive family; it simply means that there was another home that more properly fit this particular dog.

Home visits are absolutely NOT about what material possessions you have or don't have; how you keep house or how comfortable your house is. It IS all about how we perceive the dog feels about your home and whether your home is the right match for this dog.

Once our home visits are complete, we discuss each adoptive family and make a decision. We then notify each family of our decision. Arrangements are then made to deliver the dog to his/her forever home where the Adoption Agreement is signed and the adoption fee is collected.

This entire process is not objective. Please do not misunderstand. It is entirely a subjective process for the benefit of the dog. It is our duty to assure, to the best of our ability, that the dog is placed in a home that best fits him/her so that it will indeed be a forever home.

Once the match is made and you and your new companion are together, you will expect follow-up telephone calls and possible visits to see how the placement is coming along. You are expected to notify us of problems so that we can help you work through issues and help you towards the smoothest transition possible - for you and your companion.

Please direct any questions regarding the adoption process to Linda Cook.




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